teacher caught out!!!!

grrr so angry. my daughter is dioing an animal nvq course at school,(wel its outside school but is to do with school) shes been saying for weeks that the teacher s very nasty to her and picks on her but i thougth it was jst a teenage girl being sensitive. last week she was off cos she had a migraine and still said she hated it and thats why he had a migraine.
today jsut before i dropped her off, as we were early we went into a country feed shop to find out prices of horse feeds. she said her teachers car was in the car par. didnt really take any notice until we were looking at prices ad i was slightly round the corner when her teacher comes out of the door shouting at her "what the hell are you doing in here, you shouldnt be in here! then saw me went bright red and said "oh didnt know you were standing there i wouldnt have said it if i knew you where with her"
WTF!!!! 1, she was 15 mins early and only hadto walk next door to go ino the animal ctr an 2, shes entitled to go into a shop even if i wasnt with her!!!!
so phoned the school made my complaint and apologised to my daughterfor not listening to her, waiting now for the school in investigate!

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