Suspicious/cynical internet detective agents wanted

OK so I’m not adverse to wild speculation and finger pointing but a couple of comments on the K9 Magazine site have got me to thinking.

You may or may not have caught up with this story

Dog Skewered at Barbeque

at first I have to admit, I read it/watched the video and thought nothing of it over and above freak accident, makes the news.

However a couple of commenter’s have set my mind racing. They have speculated that it would be very ‘difficult’ for the dog to get this fork stuck in its head in this way.

I have played around with loads of theories.

Drop the fork from a great height – it’s not going to just pierce fur, flesh and skull and lodge in the brain like that. It would bounce.

If the dog ran straight in to the fork, the fork would need to be pretty much rigid and fixed solid for penetration.

The report said ‘the handle snapped off’ – but that doesn’t explain anything. It’s like being questioned for burglary and saying ‘Oh, I always wear red sunglasses. Can I go now?’

Accident? Maybe.

How though.

Please help me put my mind at rest.

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