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Support Grows for RSPCA’s Call for BSL Repeal

Endangered Dogs Defence & Rescue (EDDR) supports the total REPEAL of section one of the Dangerous Dogs Act; it should be consigned to the scrap heap where it truly belongs.
EDDR does not support breed specific legislation (BSL), such as the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (DDA) which has failed over the past sixteen years to prevent many serious dog attacks whilst proving to be unworkable and grossly unfair to responsible dog owners and dogs alike.

Our position is based on years of experience with BSL in the UK; our voluneers have worked daily at grass roots level directly with the dogs most affected by the legislation since the Act’s introduction and with the families who have suffered due to its draconian nature, presumption towards destruction and presumption towards guilt.
We feel that attempting to ban types of dog has not actively worked to protect the public or promote responsible dog ownership; it is [...]

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