Stand against BSL and Help DDAWatch!

The time has arrived !

As promised we can officially announce the launch of a brand new brand and a brand new anti breed specific legislation product. Avaliable to buy for the first time today, 27th August are a limited number of these STUNNING anti BSL t-shirts to our DDA Watch friends.

Note:- there are only 100 garments total. So you genuinely will need to act quickly!

Please remember, by using this link to purchase your T shirt, 25% will go directly to DDAWatch to help us continue to assist owners and repeal this Bad, Stupid, Law. So, what are you waiting for! Help us to spread the message and end this Bad Stupid Law!!

Please remember, buying via the above link ensures 25% goes to DDAWatch!

If you wish to purchanse a T shirt but do not have paypal please email for details on how to pay!

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