Squinty eyes after rough play?

Since yesterday or so my dog’s been squinting after rough play (tug of war etc). I did accidentally poke him in the eye a few days back but that was only one eye and he bounced back really quickly.
His eyes are a bit pink and I thought everything had resolved itself this morning, but after a game of tug just now he started squinting again. It went away in maybe 10 minutes and he’s playing with a ball at the mo. There’s no change in behavior or appetite. No discharge or anything. He rubbed his eye once or twice but he hasn’t been rubbing it after that.

I don’t think it’s Conjunctivitis because of the lack of discharge, though I can be wrong.

I WILL take him to the Vets, but they are closed right now, and tomorrow because of the holidays, so it’s first thing on my list for Saturday. I just thought I’d ask here for now though.

We’re taking him on vacation for a week on Sunday so I hope this is resolved by then, though it doesn’t seem like anything serious for now.



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