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South London Loft Conversions Gone to Dogs

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South London Loft Conversions are on the rise amongst a rather unexpected owners!

Posh pets are being treated to their very own personal play space thanks to loft conversion specialists from South London.

As modern dog owners become increasingly interested in providing their four legged family members with an enriched environment, space conscious Londoners are turning to the attic space to create pet friendly living environments.

Loft conversions are particularly popular in areas where property square footage is at a premium.

But rather than denying themselves the opportunity to own large or medium sized dogs, South Londoners are making use of the unused space above their own living environments exclusively for the benefit of their dogs.

Dog friendly loft conversions are a growing trend amongst 20 to 35 year old, childless families who have disposable income, professional lifestyles and enjoy the company of well cared for dogs.

The growth in spending on pets by modern, city dwellers is set to rise over the coming decade.

New York City is said to have more dogs than people and, despite the obvious space issues, New York is routinely named as one of the most dog friendly places on earth.

Loft conversions may seem like a large investment as a means to keep a Labrador happy, but a recent study by Halifax Bank showed that a loft conversion can actually add signifcant, material resale value to a well situated property.

The Halifax study revealed that 50% of UK homeowners spent an average of £6000 improving their homes last year, with those choosing to convert their lofts spending more at just over £7000 each.

Many of these conversions include simple storage conversions, with actual spending on full conversions much higher.

Would YOU consider a loft conversion for your dog?
Does the rise in property improvements reflect modern dog ownership trends?
Is a loft conversion, custom made for a canine better than a kennel?

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