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Some Dog Owners Really, Really Suck – What Can We Do About it?

Don’t be fooled folks, this isn’t just an isolated case from the other side of the world. This sort of thing happens regularly in the UK too. Ask anyone who works in animal rescue, ask dog wardens - sadly there are some people who do not deserve the privilege of canine companionship:
In Spokane Valley, one dog owner, Ruth Stallings, wasn’t pleased to hear her lost dog was found. In fact, when Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels identified the dog that park rangers found and turned in as belonging to her after scanning for a microchip, she told them that she didn’t want the dog back, just send it to the pound.
“They tracked the owner down to Spokane,” said Dr. Bill Trotter, a physician who volunteers with the shelter, Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels, in Clifton, Texas. “And they called her, and she said she didn’t want to have anything to do with [...]

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