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So who is on Google Street Scene walking their dog?

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I haven’t found myself but I have seen a couple of people I know out walking their dogs. Our area went live about 3 weeks ago and I think most of the UK is covered now. It’s a shame we only get the view from streets and not footpaths but it is amazing just what you see.

Within days the next shot down from our house was removed – I don’t know who complained or why.

If you haven’t already used it, you go onto google maps, zoom in a bit then drag the little yellow man from the zoom control so that the green circle below him is where you want to be on the map. Then you can do 360 turns, move up and down the roads, zoom in etc

It is very interesting for the nosy ones amongst us (someone at work is something of a hoarder – visiting their house on street view just confirmed our suspicions!)

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