so proud of my old gal

We had a fun training day today and I was a little worried that the beginning part with gold level KC good citz would be a reminder of the old days – she will not do a stop when going after a toy for love nor money (and yet she has a stop in an emergancy for real) – but then when she has spent years knowing that running hell for leather in a field in a place I let her after toys, or lures she isnt going to take me serious when its pretend.

We even had a background noise of clay pigeon shoot going off (thankfully the calmer stuff she is on made a big difference) and as predicted she started to faff around, wouldnt go in her bed when I sent her, she did it once, but wouldnt do it again :angry: and the field was full of sheep and horse poo and I ended up sticking her muzzle on to stop her eating that and the treats she was managing to find in the grass :001_rolleyes:

So after lunch it was agility and flyball time – which was why I said yes in the first place, and although she hasnt done any of the obsticals for a long time – used to do a bit in the fields on the farm years ago. Well she was the only dog who could do the tunnels (both types) unaided and she loved every minute of it.

Why so proud, will tell you in a bit.

Some piccies of the day


one of our deaf lads that comes training

my friend and her dog zack who looks after pepper when I work

waiting for me to call her to me

this youngster (yes he is still a puppy – just) doing great healwork

and this 15 week pup along for the day with the deaf collie, was such a star (and he had a few naps during the day)


more like a step over πŸ˜†

such a long jump for little legs


easy peasy mum says pepper

weave poles


come on zack, you can do it

or maybe not πŸ˜†

and why am I so proud – well she was the only dog to be able to do the three high jump

and the only dog to do this



and through

once more

Sorry rather a lot of photos :blushing: , but I am so chuffed and we had such a good day

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