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Should Dogs Be Taxed & Licenced?

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First of all, given the fact that dogs don't have their own bank accounts, lack voting rights and would struggle to set up a direct debit, the question should probably be phrased somewhat differently.

But writing in The Telegraph, Jake Wallis Simons believes that there should be more legislation aimed at dog owners. He says:

I was on the beach in Devon, watching my children play in the sand. The weather was glorious, and the scene was picture postcard perfect. Then a dog bounded across the beach, squatted to urinate and defecate, and bounded off again. The owner, to her credit, picked up the poo, but did nothing about the patch of urine; before I could react, my three-year-old son had run through it, barefoot.

The estimated 6.5 to 7.4 million dogs in Britain leave 1,000 tonnes of faeces in public places every day. This is one of the highest causes for complaint to MPs; research conducted by Keep Britain Tidy has found that 70 per cent of local authorities have a dog fouling problem.

Although local authorities and town and parish councils have the power to impose a Dog Control Order on offenders, which can lead to a fine between £75 and £1,000, it is rarely implemented.

He goes on to state his position on dogs in no uncertain terms:

"As you may have gathered by now, I am no lover of the Canis lupus familiaris. How any educated, reasonable human being can choose to share his home with a dog is beyond me."


What do you think?

Is it time the UK reintroduced a form of dog licence, and if so, in what format should such a scheme be run?

What about imposing a specific tax on dog owners? Is that fair and would it have positive implications for society?

Have your say in the comments section below.

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  1. Does the poor sad sod who wrote the article not realise that his 3 year old is paddling in human excrement and detergent every time he goes in the sea!

  2. I have 2 rescue dogs – and I have brought up two children. I also live at the seaside. My local beach regularly fails the EEC tests because of the pollution from farm animals – but the farmers are subsidised. Why should dog owners be penalised when the farmers are being “paid”  for polluting the area?
    Dogs are companion animals and as such are close to humans – and rightly so – and if the precious babied kids of this fool are coddled and kept away from any and all “hazards” to their poor little feety weeties and body woddy – well, when they are found to be unfit to cope with normal bacteria and the trials and tribulations of modern life – will they be glad that they were sheltered from a bit of pee?
    Grow up – get a life – but, a better bit of advice would be – get a companion animal – because you seriously can’t have any friends!!

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