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Should Animal Health be Kept at Arm’s Length From Government?

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Every week we give a British Veterinary Association view on issues concerning the veterinary profession which we publish as editorial comment in The Veterinary Record. The issue this week (December 13, 2008) concerns a presentation from Defra at the BVA’s Council meeting in London last week on its consultation document on sharing the costs and responsibilities of animal health.

The consultation, while due to be published before the end of the year, could be delayed or subject to change, currently has two main elements
* First, Defra is considering establishing a new body which will operate ‘at arm’s length’ from Government and be responsible for animal health in England (although not animal welfare, responsibility for which is to remain within Defra) either in the form of a non-ministerial department or a non-departmental public body.
While the new body will be responsible for determining policy on animal health, existing agencies such as Animal [...]

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