Shaken – stupid **** of an owner

I’m shaking. I know I did wrong, but I am glad I did and I am not sure how to make myself do better next time. I was walking Chloe with a friend of mine, M. We had met a friend we sometimes walk with, who has an older cocker called Ben she was out with, and stopped for a chat. Two rotties came out of the house by the end of the lane and rushed over to say hi. They were one at each end of Ben, sniffing, which Ben didn’t like but stood and tolerated. I moved so I was between Chloe and the rotties, with a fence behind us. They came over to investigate her, and she started squealing, and I kept trying to get my body between them and her but with two of them I had no chance. I was really worried because I’ve never seen a dog as distressed and scared as Chloe was then, so I picked her up. Big no-no, I know, but I wanted me in between her and them and that was the only way to do it, even if it meant risking myself. Well, the predictable happened, and I got bit. Better me than Chloe though, and since they seemed to be getting would up by her squealing when she was on the ground I didn’t want prey drive or whatever to kick in and me not be in a position to stop them. Eventually, the owner came out, yelled at the rotties, hit one of them and then ordered them back in the house.

I’m kicking myself for not using verbal commands to try and make them back off. I just seem to go mute whenever this sort of thing happens. OH is mad with the dogs, but honestly they weren’t vicious, just the owner was a total nincompoop. The bite didn’t break the skin, but it stings a lot and is already bruising up so it’s going to be impressive tomorrow, and there’s a lump. I’m surprised, but I can’t remember the last time I had a bruise – I just don’t bruise!

I’ve got arrangements with Ben’s owner to meet up again next week during the afternoons, and M is bringing his gsd down to visit soon, and I’m going to the library tomorrow to find a class to socialise her with. Together with her normal thrice-weekly walks with the jrt, the yorkie, the westie and the collies I’m hoping that’ll be enough to counteract the bad experience.

Stupid me, stupid rottie owner, stupid stupid stupid.

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