Seska and the plea for "help".

I wanted to take a minute and thank all who responded to our delima with sense and logic. That night was a little stressful for the entire household unfortunately and in the run of emotions I may have come across with the wrong message. Officially: Seska is not an outside dog in our household, has never been, and would not be. If it did come down to that we would give her back to the SPCA before we would make her an outdoors dog. All three of our dogs are rescues, and through the years we have diligently and lovingly worked with them and all of the emotional baggage each brought, and it is obvious to the many who do know us that our love, patience, and efforts have created a very happy pack!

When I stated that we were considering giving her up I also said we would sleep on it and a little sleep always makes all of the difference. My wife and I do not want to give her up. That night was a hard one and emotions and feelings of failure were running high. But we both came back with the same thoughts and in general that was to find a way to help her. For the record, she did stay out that one night, and only because we felt it best if she was going to be sick through the night. Was literally the first night that has ever happened and if we have our way will be the last. The sun goes down here at midnight right now, and rises a few hours later, that said I was up late and woke early the next day. She was alone for several hours and being checked on by us both through those few hours. Like a parent would make a call for their child, so did we for the dog and and for the person who thought it was inhumane….sorry you weren’t here to make our decisions for us! But to all who expressed concern, our dogs are our kids, and we wouldn’t just take our kids back or leave them outside permanently, and so will not be the case with Seska.

One thing I did mention in that original post is her obsession with eating everything in sight. In fact, the next morning she pooped out a piece of stuffed toy that one of the other dogs plays with. We do our best at keeping things out of her reach, but you dont always catch everything and the only way to assure that she will not eat things is to lock her up…which, I think we all agree here is not going to be the answer or what any of us want. We have a feeling that the incident the other night was due in part to what she had digested days before and the fact that it was stopping her up…she got sick. For the past two months, 9 times out of 10 she has been fine in her crate, but, we have also been present to catch her and let her out when she has gotten sick from something she digested. Someone suggested we take her back for her sake, like we are deplorable owners. Maybe she would get lucky and find a better owner. Hmmm. Well, we see where "luck" has gotten her! The SPCA determined through personal interview with us and friends who know us that we were a great family for the dog. What the SPCA did not tell us is that she has issues. And who would know!? This is the beauty of adoption, you never really know what you will get and it is exciting as well as a challenge to find out and figure out the best way to bring them up. We know this and for one brief moment of exhaustion may have questioned it, but have resolved to continue to give Seska the love and support as we have both of our other loving and wonderful dogs.

That said, we were given the suggestion of trying herbals, which is a great idea. We are also looking into having our sons girlfriend who lives a short distance away look in on them once or when needed for duration, twice a day to walk and pamper them or more specifically Seska. Great suggestions guys! Thank you!!

But back to the issue of eating everything in sight? Does it get better, and does anyone have any ‘sense-able’ ideas on what we could do to dissuade her from this bad habit. Before us she was…."WAS" an outside dog, tied to a tree. That my Wamba’ed friend is inhumane!!!! Her transition to an indoor doggie has been difficult in the beginning, but other than a few isolated incidents has gotten much better. Again. locking her up or leaving her out is not an option if she is going to live here, and she is staying! Is it possible that her obsession with eating objects could have anything to do with the ‘outdoor to indoor’ doggie, transition? Another issue is the overweight problem she had upon arriving into our pack. She is now a good weight for her breed and size. However, stupid as this may sound, is she compulsively eating to fill the void the weight loss created? In other words, is there some kind of moderation we should be doing within her diet?? Thanks again for time, understanding and even the tossed opinion. We are here on this forum to find a solution through a cumulative pool of knowledge and suggestion by other dog owners. This itself states the obvious….we want to help Seska to be all of the dog we know she is! Cherokee and Kenai (the other two dogs) love her and she loves them. We are all a pack and we will all help Seska and hopefully with some good advise from those who have been through what we are going through. Thanks!

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