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Seperation Anxiety- Constant Barking Help?

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We have 3 female spaniels, aged 7, 2.5 and 1.5. They’re all lovely dogs, and good girls when we’re there, unfortunately this changes when we go out. Our neighbours have complained to the council because when we leave the house, the dogs will start barking which develops into non-stop howling and constant noise. There is little sound insulation, so it is a very big problem!

It doesn’t matter how long we go out for, whether it’s to work for the day or to the shops for 30 minutes, if we all go out they will make noise. We take them out as often as we can, we know they need a lot of exercise! We did take them out every morning before work, but when they get excited they bark too, so the neighbours complained about being woken up…

The times we are out varies, but they are always left from 8am until 4pm on some nights, 2pm on others. At the weekend there is always someone here. We didn’t have problems until we got the third dog, as she barks at anyone/thing that goes past the window. We’ve tried shutting the front room door, but they sit on the stairs and bark even more, which is also next to the wall which is attached to next door (it’s a semi-detached).

We really don’t want to have to rehome any of them, so any advice would be much appreciated!


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