Selfish Owners Jet off on Holiday, Leave Pets to Fend Alone

The RSPCA is warning people not to go away on holiday and leave their pets unattended.

As the main summer holiday getaway peaks this weekend, RSPCA inspectors are reporting calls to houses where pets have just been left with piles of food and no-one looking after them.

The RSPCA always sees a rise in abandoned animals during the summer months and inspectors are warning that leaving pets home alone is not acceptable.

Under the Animal Welfare Act owners have a legal responsibility to ensure their pets’ welfare and to provide for their animal’s needs at all times – including when the owners are on holiday.

RSPCA superintendent Richard Seddon said: “Being left home alone with a pile of food does not mean their needs are being taken care of. Owners don’t want to get a call while they are lying on the beach to tell them to come back home to take care of their pet so we are saying – make proper arrangements for someone to care for your pet or put them in pet boarding.”

In just nine weeks from the beginning of May the RSPCA has taken in more than one and a half thousand abandoned animals and we receive a call asking for help on average every 30 seconds.

Supt Seddon said: “To leave a much loved family pet for days at a time with just a pile of food that may go off especially in this hot weather may endanger the animal’s life and is simply not common sense.”

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