Self Regulation of Dog Breeding: A Delusion

It will come as a shock, but perhaps not a surprise, to some to learn that certain members of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club have gone a step further than shooting themselves in the foot with regard to the health of this troubled little dog breed. The foot was blown clean off when there was a campaign to raise money for ‘PR advice’ in relation to handling the media following Pedigree Dogs Exposed (money far better spent on health) but now the foot has been replaced with the head as the club implodes in a dust of self destructive – yet highly revealing – gun shot. Here’s what’s been going on…

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    Instead the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club voted to EXPEL Margaret from their committee. Inexplicable behaviour which drew condemnation from the Kennel

^^You get some of the gist just by looking at the headlines. Many of you will remember those articles and will know that certain members of the Cavalier Club have been on a one way collision course with common sense and now they’ve gone full steam ahead in to the madness.

This weekend members voted overwhelmingly to PREVENT progress in the battle against the horrific spread of syringomyelia in the breed. The breed club’s committee tried to include a clause in the code of ethics which would recommend breeders MRI scan their dogs before they are used at stud.

The initial motion passed but members asked for it to be taken again – citing ‘not enough time to discuss’ and lack of understanding as to the implications of the new clause as a reason. The vote was taken again and the motion was defeated by a large majority.

Now Lesley Jupp, the club’s chairman has clearly seen enough. She has issued this statement:

“Before the AGM last Sunday, Simon Swift, Cardiologist, gave a talk to members to inform us of the present situation, current research and to update us on the new BVA/KC heart testing scheme that involves a number of breeds including cavaliers.

His talk was attended by about 25 members, including the committee, out of a current total UK membership of 1050. At the end of his talk Simon had difficulty in leaving the room for the throng of other members waiting outside for the AGM, chatting and drinking coffee, whiling away the time until his talk was over. So much for breeders’ interest in, and concern for heart problems within the breed. The AGM then followed, attended by 63 members.

The agenda contained a proposal from the committee that the Code of Ethics should include the recommended breeding guidelines for SM. These are not mandatory rules, merely recommendations, and would have been in line with Hearts and Eyes breeding guidelines, which have been in place for some years. These proposals seemed to me to be innocuous and reasonable. However, the proposal was substantially defeated by the meeting. This was a triumph by the members present over neurologists and geneticists, and of course, over the committee. It would seem that cavalier club members continue to progress, like lemmings, towards mandatory breeding regulations that will surely come, as surely as night follows day.

There are many members who are still not prepared to health check their breeding stock, and of those who do, it would appear that many would not hesitate to breed from affected animals. I have tried my utmost to defend and support the breed and the club. This weekend was proof, if proof is needed, that there is no point in deluding myself, or others, that self-regulation is possible.” Mrs Lesley Jupp 24th March 2009


A warm, deserved round of appluase on behalf of everyone who TRULY cares about the health and future of dogs goes to Mrs Lesley Jupp.

Dogs NEED people to stand up and fight for them, now more than ever.

Pedigree Dogs Exposed lifted the lid on some of the blinkered, vicious, unhelpful and, frankly, dangerous behaviour of certain people who see dogs as a route to personal glory. These are people that need to be driven out, discredited and distanced from true dog lovers.

Does this mean we’ll end up with a ‘them and us’ situation?

You’re DAMN RIGHT it does! As it should be.

‘Them who care, those who don’t.’ It’s becoming increasingly easy to identify who’s who.

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Self Regulation of Dog Breeding: A Delusion

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