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Scottish SPCA Special Investigations (Retard)

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Nice to see they’re doing their bit not to whip up hype about certain dog breeds. I mean, it’s not like any little thuglife would read the Daily Record, is it?


THE Scottish SPCA’S special investigations unit are desperate to find the owners of an illegal American pit bull handed into a Glasgow police station recently.
The tan dog’s breed is banned in the UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1994.
He bears many scars from fights and was in prime condition when handed in by a man who, using a false name and address, said he found him wandering the streets in Barlanark.
A spokesman for the unit said: "We are very keen to speak to anyone who recognises this dog. He is very distinctive and he will have been walked on a regular basis.
"There is no doubt he has been in many organised fights, as his legs and upper body and face bear all the usual scars.
"This dog is typical of those bred for fighting.
"He is handsome looking and very friendly with humans but, make no mistake, he is a lethal killing machine.
"He was bred purely for fighting and he could kill an adult, never mind a child."
"This dog would annihilate a rottweiler or German shepherd. These powerful dogs would have no chance of surviving for five minutes."

English drug barons and badger baiters have moved danger dogs to Scotland, police say – The Daily Record


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