Sadistic Dog Breeder is Jailed Following Video Nasty

He trained his dogs to savage foxes and badgers and filmed it all on a digital camera to show pals. Now sadistic animal torturer Richard Atkins will spend his nights in a cell as his own videos came back to bite HIM.

In one clip, he proudly looks into the lens holding a still-alive fox while his terriers prepare for the kill.

Magistrates also watched film of his Patterdale terrier and bull-lurcher cross attacking badgers, including one which had a leg torn off while Atkins, 45, can be heard laughing in the background with other men.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Ian Briggs said later: “I find it shocking that someone would deliberately go into the countryside with their dogs with the sole intention of inflicting ­unimaginable suffering on a wild animal for their own twisted pleasure.”

WARNING – Link below contains disturbing images.

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