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RSPCA Speaks Out Over BSL & Dangerous Dogs Act

Following our report last week that the RSPCA has backed calls from DDA Watch and C-fidos for the Government to end BSL by way of the deeply flawed section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act, Claire Robinson, the RSPCA’s Government Relations Manager has echoed concerns about the weakness of a law which focuses on the breed rather than the deed.

Speaking to K9 Magazine she explains:
“The RSPCA has always stated the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 is flawed, in that it focuses on breed, rather than ‘deed’. Clearly, Section 1 of the DDA is the most prominent example of breed specific legislation.
“Our animal hospitals treat bull-terrier type dogs on a daily basis for bite wounds, stabbings, injuries from traffic accidents and diseases caused by indiscriminate breeding.
“We believe that any future legislation concerning the control of dogs should focus on the action of the owner and preventing irresponsible dog ownership. Irresponsible owners can [...]

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