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RSPCA Commended For Breed Specific Legislation Stance

The RSPCA has won plaudits from around the world for its public call for a repeal of section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act - the part that bans dogs based on what they look like.

Dave Holden, vice chair of the National Dog Warden Association said:
Well done RSPCA for publically stating that section one of the DDA needs to be repealed. it brings hope to every dog locked away on looks alone and to those who have fought hard for so long for just laws which do not discriminate against specific dogs, here and overseas.

From the USA:
Gives the words ‘Happy New Year’ a whole new meaning. Keep your paws crossed that other UK animal welfare orgs will be inspired to join the RSPCA in this statement.

I think I am in shock over the good fortune coming to our bullie friends in the UK. Such good news!

From Australia:
That is very [...]

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