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RSPCA Brings ‘Outrageous’ Case Against Woman Who Treated Her Dog For Fleas

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When the family dog, Becks, got fleas, Charlene Draper did what any responsible owner would do: she treated him with canine anti-flea shampoo. As a result, thanks to Britain’s biggest animal welfare charity, she found herself in court last week, facing up to six months in prison and costs of £8,000.

“It’s been a massive worry, really draining. It’s been hanging over me for more than a year, not knowing what’s going to happen,” she said yesterday. “When I was found not guilty, I just burst into tears.”

Ms Draper, from Milton Keynes, didn’t know it, and the instructions with the shampoo didn’t tell her, but some dogs are allergic to the saliva left behind when a flea bites them, and the shampoo can increase the chances of getting the allergy. “It is a very common problem,” says Colin Vogel, a vet who testified for the defence. “I have seen it hundreds of times in practice. This is what makes this such an outrageous case.”

-Have Your Say: Is the RSPCA losing your trust? An increasing number of RSPCA prosecutions have faced mounting public criticism. Have you lost faith in the RSPCA over recent years or do you believe the charity is on the right track?

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  1. Typical RSPCA, when you report an animal in distress they do nothing about it.  I lost my trust in the RSPCA after they killed all of those dogs in Wales with a bolt gun.  Finally who reported this lady to the RSPCA anyway?

  2. We need a body like the RSPCA to bring prosecutions against those who perpetrate acts of gross cruelty – but they do need to be more careful about whom they prosecute!
    They also need to be more careful/thorough about those they allow to use their name in other respects – my mother adopted a dog from an “RSPCA” shelter and she actually only took it home because she could not allow an animal to stay in such tiny and unclean conditions any longer.  A friend got two of her cats from another “RSPCA approved” shelter, which kept her waiting 6 weeks for a home visit (to a location under 1 mile from the centre) and then eventually said she could take them without the home visit.  The kittens had been kept in a uncleaned crate the whole of that time.  Hardly the conditions that engender trust in the RSPCA’s ability to identify cruelty and neglect!

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