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Is RSPCA Boss Earning Too Much? Fat Cat Accusations Arise

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Gavin Grant earns up to £160,000 a year as the RSPCA's chief executive.
His predecessor Mark Watts earned between £110,000 and £120,000.
Published figures show the animal charity's income is falling.

The new ‘fat cat’ boss of the RSPCA is being paid up to 45 per cent more than his predecessor, figures revealed yesterday.

Gavin Grant was accused of ‘brazen greed’ at a time when the animal charity’s income from donations is falling.

Figures also showed the RSPCA is spending less on animal welfare, but more on prosecuting people for alleged cruelty.

Mr Grant, a former public relations executive and lifelong Liberal Democrat who is credited with helping Nick Clegg become party leader, began as RSPCA chief executive in January 2012.

At the time, the charity refused to disclose his pay package, but yesterday its annual report revealed the figure to be between £150,000 and £160,000. The RSPCA still would not state his exact earnings.

His predecessor, Mark Watts, earned £110,000 to £120,000, meaning Mr Grant is raking in between £30,000 and £50,000 more – a rise of between 25 per cent and 45 per cent.

What's your view? Is the RSPCA paying a fair rate for an executive or is the charity showing it's out of touch with public opinion?

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