Round of applause for Clio

Clio, the little swine has always been a pain in the arse when we take her out anywhere and want to stop off for a drink or something to eat.

If we take her in a beer garden she will constantly pace and whine and do what I call "chimping" as she jumps in front of me, on me and over me while sounding like a chimpanzee. It was that bad that we stopped taking her out if we were planning on stopping off anywhere.

As some of you know we have been taking her to see Xigi due to this constant demanding attention and other issues since January and we have seen some improvements with her.

I suppose it doesn’t really hit home how well she has done until you see her behaviour in "reality" rather than when we are just up at Xigi’s.

Today I have called in at the local for a swift one while we were out on a walk as some friends were sat outside.

The little star has been totally chilled and sat and watched the world go by for over 2 hours without whining or demanding my attention once.

Go Clio!!!

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