Rottweilers & GSDs Amongst Breeds Deemed ‘Potentially Dangerous’

From July 1st 2011, owners of dogs that the city of College Park, Gainesvill  deems "potentially dangerous" must be registered, photographed and should be forced to wear a bright identifying tag to mark them out.

Ambrose Clay, the local Councilman, brought in the breed specific legislation following two high profile dog attack cases in his district.

"What the person has to do is go to the vet and get a chip implanted into the dog for identification purposes.  They also have to submit a photograph of the dog, and they'll be issued a brightly colored tag that will identify it as a potentially dangerous dog," said Clay.

The legislation has been opposed by anti BSL groups, including Dogs Deserve Bettter whose spokesperson Heidi Pollyea says:

"Breed profiling is wrong.  It targets the dog when the real problem with any canine is how the owners raise and treat it."

People who don't register their dogs face fines and Clay says owners will also have their dogs taken and impounded should they not comply.

The following are breeds of dogs required to be registered in College Park:

Pit Bull

American Pit Bull Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier



German Shepard

Breed specific legislation is a concept that has been tried in various places around the world.

It has proven to be controversial, expensive and has never been proven to have prevented a single dog attack or death.

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