Rottweiler Who Came Back to Life…Given New Life

A rottweiler that was supposed to be put to sleep will live the rest of its life frolicking in the country.

Mia, who survived a botched euthanasia, has been given a new home with other rottweilers on an 80-acre farm outside Hillsdale.

Mia was given a second lease on life through touched reader's donations after news of her coming back to life spread around the world.

Mia's owner, Matt Oliveraz, 27, said because he was facing foreclosure and was forced to move to a small apartment in Detroit, and because his 11-year-old pooch had a myriad of health problems, he had decided to alleviate her suffering.

Last month, Olivarez said he took Mia to the Westcott Veterinary Care Center in Detroit.

Olivarez said he returned to his garage Sunday morning and noticed Mia missing from where he'd placed her on a pile of hay the day before. He'd planned to bury her in his grandfather's back yard.


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