RIP The Andrex Puppy is Gone

The Labrador puppy has been so synonymous with toilet roll for generations, there are plenty of children who will point to a Yellow Lab pup and say 'look, an Andrex puppy'. Well, the fur and claws is to be replaced with pixels and motion capture, for the ever young Andrex puppy is to become a CGI creation.

According to The Telegraph:
The playful Labrador retriever, which has been a fixture on screens since 1972, has received a “21st century makeover” in a new multi-million pound advertising campaign.

Kimberly Clark, the global lavatory tissue company behind the mascot, announced on Wednesday that instead of using a real-life puppy, the adverts’ central character will be a computer-generated image (CGI).

The company denied introducing CGI to the new £15 million digital campaign, titled “It’s the Little Things”, was a cost-cutting move, insisting it was instead “refreshing” the brand.


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