Research Reveals Bond Between Dogs & Owners Similar To Parent & Child

This isn’t likely to be news to many dog owners, the bond between an owner and their pet is strong, however Austrian researches claim to have identified the source of the bond.

The ‘secure base effect’ is a key element in child/parent bonding and stems from the child using their parent/caregivers as a secure base when it comes to interacting with the environment.

The study found that animals act in a way which shows they are much more confident to interact, whether with strangers or for food based rewards, in the presence of their owners.

The study, as reported in the Daily Mail, also discovered that young adults who cared for animals engaged in more ‘contribution’ activities, such as providing service to their community, helping friends or family and demonstrating leadership, than those who did not look after a pet. The more actively they participated in the pet’s care, the higher they scored on their sociable deeds.


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