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Rescues: Are They Now Charged With Controlling The Amount of Dogs in Circulation?

written by Jon Swinhoe of Zepthedep Rottweiler Rescue
This is a serious question.
Events that have come to light in the last few days have sickened me.

With the news that a rescue has aborted a bitch at 8 weeks into pregnancy and then the same day a representative from the same rescue had the gall to make an unsolicited phone call to our rescue and pass comment on a mother and her litter of 4 day old pups who we are fighting to save the lives of - her comment astounded me:
“You should just let nature take its course ,as we can do without litters of pups in rescue.”

This, from a rescue representative who openly admits to taking in “end of litters from breeders”.
The mother and her pups came to us as we were called upon by another rescue to try and save the lives of these dogs who were being kept [...]

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