Rescue Me T-Shirt

It’s THE T-shirt for dog lovers who want to look good, feel great and help promote rescue dogs – the ‘Rescue Me’ by DogsBlog T-shirt line is 100% exclusive and features a limited edition design, of which only 100 will be made available for sale. Although, you can scrub that – as only 15 are actually left! So if you want one, be quick or miss out… rescue-me-tshirtsEach Rescue Me T-shirt is unique and comes with its own ‘pedigree’ which features the details of one of the dogs on and carries information on how your purchase not only makes you feel great, look great and generally compels EVERYONE you meet to ask you where you got it, but also contributes to the efforts and philosophy behind DogsBlog – which is quite simply: every pound raised goes toward the promotion of rescue dogs for rehoming.

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