Rescue Dogs: They’re Abandoned For a Reason

I think I spend too much time listening to experienced, caring dog owners.
Yes, I may spend *some* of my time reporting on the horrific abuses that dogs endure but the large majority of time is spent discussing dogs or writing about dogs with people who know a bit about dogs. I think I need to try and change that. I think I need to see if it is possible to get a more rounded idea how less savvy dog folk think and speak because if I don’t, I’m going to worry.
I’m going to worry because I’ve seen far too many statements like this:
First, I wouldn’t recommend a rescue centre as the dogs there may have been abandoned for a reason. OK, there are good dogs too, but there is that risk.
Go for a dog with a known placid temperament. Small dogs tend to be aggressive as well as large ones.

I’d […]

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