Remy swimming ..or not

Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts.
Oscar swims he loves it and is a good swimmer.. Remy gets very excited when Oscar is in the water and rushes up and down waiting for him to get near to shore before he runs into the water.
I noticed that his front legs splash about in a very uncoordiated way coming up past his face in an ‘all splash no go’ fashion but his back end seemed to sink.
Because of all the splashing I could never get a good look at what was going on, but today they were in really crystal clear water and I saw that as Reny goes into the water and his back legs leave the floor he just tucks them up like bird in flight. He does do the odd kick here and there but its very few and far between.
Now we know he has some brain damage and Im guessing that this lack of coordination or lack of response in his back legs must be to do with that but has anyone got any ideas on how I can help him improve? He does seem to like going into the water so it would be nice if he could swim properly.

He is fine at running and jumping can catch a ball (sometimes) but when kicking/scraping after pooing he is again very uncoordinated one leg kicks backwards and sort of hangs there in a tremor for a few seconds then he puts it down again and walks off.
Thx for any tips.

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