Reform The Dangerous Dogs Act Urges Dog Expert

This week the UK Government has announced plans to allow for tougher prison terms for owners of dangerous dogs in a bid to make more owners accountable for dog attacks. Under the new guidelines, courts will be authorised to sentence irresponsible dog owners to up to 18 months in custody for allowing their dog to be dangerously out of control and causing injury. 

Previously sentencing has been inconsistently applied for such criminal offences. However dog expert, Ryan O'Meara, says the reforms are essentially a waste of time if there's no education backing them and has been calling for a greater need for education to help better advise two main groups of dog owners.

Ryan continues, “In my experience there are two groups of dog owners. The first are dog owners who are wilfully ignorant, who are bringing up dogs they frankly can't control. The second are those who accidentally ignorant owners who have got dangerous dogs and they don't know it.

“Until you get to both types of owners and can offer the right education now, and to new owners before they get a dog, you won't fix the problem.”

“The Dangerous Dogs Act is frankly a bad piece of legislation and today's new reforms are more legislation on top of something already pretty bad. It doesn't help anyone prevent attacks, it won't prevent more victims. What we want is no more dog attacks, and the only way to do that is through education.”

“I don't feel longer sentencing will prevent the problem, I think if we look at the fatal attacks from previous years where children have lost their lives, if you would have said to any of those dog owners – bearing in mind they killed family members – would 6 months extra in jail have prevented the dog attack, made you more aware, I don't think it would have made a blind bit of difference because they didn't see it coming and they will already have to suffer for years for having lost that family member.”

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