Recommend a Breed ( for my mum! )

Mum has been thinking for a long time, and she would like to get herself a dog. She owned dogs in her married days ( Sheena and Bracken ) and Poppy Kerrie and I lived with her for a short while.
She currently lives in a flat, but does have access to an enclosed Garden, she works at a warden controlled residential for elderly people. She mainly works from her flat ( tho occasionaly going out to check on the elderly folk for a couple of hours ) dog would be left for a maximum 3-4 hours per day.

Mum is still very active, is able to give an hours off lead exercise before work, a 20 min toilet break at lunch, and then another 45mins – an hour in the evening. Then extra at the weekends.

She doesnt like Terriers, nor CKCS ( which was my first thought ) and doesnt want anything that is too big ( because of her living in a flat! )

Whatever she gets will probs be an adult rescue ( 3-4 years and up ) rather than a puppy

Any suggestions?

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