Really annoyed!

I’ve got two side gates on my house and the one on the far side is not used at all and not really visible unless you walk up to it , so I’ve got a very fiddly and hard to open catch set up on it, to make sure no one leaves it open. Anyhow, my brother let Jasper out today, after a few minutes he heard him barking up on that side of the house and his bark sounded a bit odd, so he went off to check what he was up to, only to notice that the gate was open and Jasper was out the front on his own! I had a good search around and couldn’t find the screw part of my catch anywhere, but I did find a remote-controlled helicopter instead. So obviously the neighbourhood kids lost it in my garden and left the gate open when trying to find it, then wandering off with my catch.

If my brother hadn’t been so observant, Jasper could have decided to take himself for a little walk and been lost, stolen or even killed. Plus he’d get into trouble if he bit one of those kids if they invaded the garden – I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t bite, but you never know and he’s scared of those kids.

I’m buying a couple of stout padlocks for both gates now. And someone won’t be seeing their helicopter in a hurry either!

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