Rant – some people!

Earlier on today I was at the vets with my mum because her 14 year cat has an over active thyroid.
Anyway as we were waiting to be seen, the conversations I was hearing were unreal!

I will not mention breeds – because I don’t think it matters what breed they are!

First of all there was a few people who were boasting about their bitch having puppies – however he also stated that his dog was vicious (the mum to pups)

Why the heck did you breed in the first place!

Another woman was talking about her bitch that just had pups and the vet wanted to put her to sleep because she was really ill.

there was a also a man with a "dodgy" young large breed dog who wanted to get at all the other dogs, it was barking and lunging – and guess what he did.
Tied it up outside with its harness on and waited in the waiting room until he was seen!
It was going mental outside trying to get the other dogs and people!

This kind of thing really annoys me especially when these breeds of dogs are rotting away in the pound waiting for the 7 days to end!

Rant over!

I am all for breeding as long as the dogs in question are health tested to a high standard and have a bomb proof temperament!

Has anybody else had a similar experience to me?

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