Puppy Shepherd Rescued from Canal- Me n Logie!

Hi everyone old and new, Logans mum reporting in.

Me and Logan set off on our usual Sunday morning stroll this morning along the canal. As i throw Logans frisbee in the field i heard splashing in the canal. I looked over and to my shock and dismay- a very scared young shepherd was splashing and swimming for her life in the canal.
I ran over the bridge to the side she was swimming and encouraged her to me. But as she swam towards me Logan started t bark at her so she swam away from me.
I ran back to the other side, tied Logan to the rail away from the canal and fought my way threw the hedgerows to be near her. She had ledged herself on a concrete ledge that leads to the overflow. I was able to reach down and hold her collar but unable to pull her out of the cold water. I managed to call my hubby who came running up and was able to haul her out of the canal and take her home.

She was so scared, cold and hungry. She had a rusty choke collar on and was very wary of my hubby, but gravitated to me.She wouldnt come into the house at first so we put water out and Logans raw mince breakfast and she ate it in 10 seconds! After about 20 mins i won her trust so that she came in the kitchen and joined me sitting on the floor next to the radiator. She loved a tickle on her chest and under her chin and gave me a lovely kiss on my chin. She let my wipe her down all over, stroke her head and wipe her paws.
This girl is no more than 6 months old.

A friend of my hubby had seen the dog roming the main road, traffic having to stop etc at the end of my road coz og her on the loose, then the poor girl has ended up in the canal. If i hadnt spotted her she would be dead.

So i called the dog warden, the police and the local city dogs home to see if anyone has reported a lst dog. Nothing.
LOGAN IS AN ABSOLUTE STAR!!!!! He welcomed her into his home, allowed her to chew on his bone, share his bed, drink from his water bowl and allow her to sleep when she wanted. He is a diamond geezer!!

I told my friend who came round to see her this afternoon. She and her family fell in love with her. They went away and discussed her and came back teling me they want to give her a home. They went to pet shop, spent £100 on dog ‘stuff’ and I have just came back from settling her into her new home.

All in a days work!

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