Puppy Mill Act Passes, Receives Praise

Bob Barker, Animal Defenders International (ADI) and other U.S. animal protection groups celebrate the successful passage of the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, also known as Missouri Proposition B. The monumental victory provides better conditions for Missouri breeders’ dogs, establishing minimum welfare standards, including the provision of clean water, veterinary care, nutritious food, space to move around, exercise and protection from extreme heat and cold.

It will limit the number of breeding dogs per facility and requires breeding females to be limited to producing two litters in an eighteen-month period.


Former TV presenter and ADI supporter Bob Barker, an alumnus of Drury University, Missouri, said of the historic victory, "With the passage of Proposition B, the wonderful people of Missouri have taken a major step in erasing the dubious distinction of being the puppy mill capital of the U.S.A."

Animal Defenders International Vice President Tim Phillips said, “We are delighted that compassion has won the day in Missouri. ADI applauds all voters who cast their vote for those who cannot speak for themselves.

This is a step towards ending the suffering of countless dogs crammed into small, dirty cages across the state and we look forward to these measures being implemented.”

The new law will take effect in November 2011, giving breeders time to meet the standards of care. The language in Prop B provides clear guidelines for enforcement by the Missouri Department of Agriculture and while officials will still inspect breeder facilities, local law enforcement will be able to bring charges to criminally prosecute violators.

In recent weeks ADI encouraged people to support ‘Missourians for the Protection of Dogs/YES! On Prop B.’

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