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Puppy Farm Protest 7 Day Event

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C.A.R.I.A.D (Care And Respect Includes All Dogs), one of the leading campaign groups against puppy farming, recently staged a 7 day event which saw campaign founder Linda Goodman live, sleep and breathe in a kennel. The event which launched to co-inside with world Puppy Farm Awareness Day, is part of the groups commitment to public education about the cruelty of battery puppy farming in the U.K.

Bringing awareness to the horrendous trade in battery farmed puppies - a must watch video:

Help end puppy farming. Spread the word.

C.A.R.I.A.D. Founder, Linda Goodman, who staged the 7 day event, explains: “The situation for dogs in the U.K. is now desperate. Our rescue shelters are at breaking point because people are abandoning their ‘much loved’ pets in greater numbers than ever before. At the same time tens of thousands of puppies are being bred in squalid battery farms, the majority of which are in Wales and Ireland and trafficked across the UK in vans and trucks into pet shops and via free ads on the internet to a market that simply cannot sustain them.

“These are not puppies that have been bred to live long and happy lives. Due to intensive inbreeding they often carry shocking hereditary conditions and genetic problems that will mean many die within weeks or months after being purchased. We’ve found that some of these puppies have been taken away from their mothers as early as just 4 weeks old. These puppies are not brought up in socialised conditions that are a basic requirement for an emotionally and psychologically well balanced family pet. As a result many suffer from behavioural issues and will end up abandoned, further adding to the burden of council pounds and rescue shelters. If they do survive to adulthood they are most likely to need costly vet treatment for the rest of their lives."

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