Puppy Farm Activists – Diary Date of Note

Anti puppy farm protesters will gather outside Dogs 4 Us, Waterloo Way (Behind the Shopping Centre), Bramley, Leeds, LS13 2EF on Sunday the 22nd of Feb at 11 am to protest against the store selling sick or dying puppies .

The protest has been organised in response to complaints , one in particular a young boy aged 10 and his family being sold a West Highland White terrier which had to put to sleep age 26 weeks.

The pup originated in a puppy farm in Carmarthenshire.

If you are in the area or know someone who is please feel free to lend your support.

Puppy farming is set to be covered by the BBC later this week:


Matt Allwright and Dan Penteado are hunting and confronting more rogues. They investigate pet shops and dog breeders who sell sick puppies. The Rogue Traders team go undercover to buy three puppies from establishments which have been reported to the RSPCA or trading standards. One of the puppies cost 350 pounds and was bought as a pedigree King Charles spaniel. But within a few days it falls ill with Parvo virus, a severe intestinal infection, and has to be put down.

Matt and the team reveal that in many cases, the paperwork is inadequate to prove a puppy’s pedigree, or that it has been properly vaccinated. One of the dogs purchased by the Rogue Traders team had a docked tail, a procedure which was made illegal in England, Scotland and Wales in 2007.

When Matt confronts one puppy farm, the breeder attempts to hold the team captive. It takes a visit by the police to get them released.

Broadcast Date: 19 Feb 2009, 20:00 (except Scotland)

Source: DogMagazine.net – the K9 Magazine blog

Puppy Farm Activists – Diary Date of Note

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