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Just looking for some advice please.

I don’t have a dog myself, but have a problem with a neighbours Dalmation. The first time that I saw this dog it came running full pelt up to me, lunged and tried to pull the plastic bag that I was holding from my hand, nipping my fingers in the process. The owner just laughed at the dog, told it not to be silly and said that it had a problem with plastic bags and walked off.

I have since seen this dog several times and if I am carrying a bag at the time (not necessarily plastic, it can be a cotton bag over my shoulder) it lunges at the bag and bites it and sometimes catches me with it’s teeth. The owner just says sorry and walks off. Everytime I see the dog and I am carrying a bag the owner makes no attempt to control it and only pulls the dog off after it has lunged at me.

I haven’t done anything before now as I never knew who the dog or owner was, but have recently found out that the dog belongs to a neighbour of mine.

The dog isn’t muzzled and is either off the lead or on a retractable lead.

Today I saw the dog running off the lead toward me and asked the owner to restrain it – she didn’t. I wasn’t carrying a bag at the time so the dog left me alone and made no attempt to nip or lunge, but I decided to talk to the owner.

She denied the dog had ever attacked me and told me to prove that the dog had ever nipped me. I told her that the dog had caught me with it’s teeth 4 times and would report it to the police if it did it again. She walked off saying that I was the one with the problem, not her dog.

I have also seen the dog lunge at 2 other people, one a child. The owner didn’t even seem to notice.

Does anyone know who I can report this to please? Is it the police or the RSPCA?

Thanks in advance

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