Possible jealousy issue

I’ve had Simon, Collie Lab cross since he was 2 1/2. He was a rescue, taken from a rescue centre to a kennels belonging to a pratt who wanted to set up a business working drug search dogs for nightclubs. I’ve no idea of his history before this. While in this last place, the owner used to bang on the bars and shout at him when he barked. (My step daughter worked there briefly). He came to me with broken teeth through biting the bars of his cage, and a total mistrust of everyone. He was defensively aggressive, to both people and other dogs. He was very head shy, and wet himself at loud noises.

I took him to dog classes, mainly to try to socialise him, and he came on wonderfully. He is now ten, and trusts us totally. He is a joy to take out, walks nicely, waits, great recall etc. (He came knowing nothing, at two and a half, I had to teach sit.) I love him.

Jacob arrived in April. He’s a border collie, now 7 months old. Bit of a handful, as I expected πŸ™‚ But a lovely little star, who could do anything. They generally get on really well. They play together, play fighting, and "chase me I’ve got a toy" games. All super.

So, to my problem πŸ™‚

Due to our circumstances, I need to work (just reduced to 3 days a week! hurray), and my husband has a brain injury which means that some days all they get is a walk (always get a good hour at the minimum). So, I try to do training thing of an evening, in the house. Jake is really attentive for this, but it’s not ideal, as Simon is locked out, and winging, cos he knows Jake is getting treats. When I swap its worse, as Jake is outside, barking like a loon. We have neighbours πŸ™

Anyway.. I’ll get to the point in a minute πŸ™‚

Husband is in hospital at the moment. So it’s just me. Took them out for hour and half dinner time, left them for 4 hours, came back, and nothing. Jake had done nothing. Optimistally tried together training. Just basic wait, sit, down paw etc, which they can both do. They did it ok, then it seemed they went into competition mode. Jake did something that I told him off for, Simon leapt into boss mode and gave him a back hander (IYSWIM). Went upstairs for a break, they followed, and Simon really went for him. No blood or anyrthing, but really put him in his place, with lots of noise. They now both want to be the one who is next to me. So, I;ve told them both to bugger off, in nice way of course.

So..do I leave them to it? I have been giving Jake a lot more attention, but he needs much more supervising, praising, huffing at etc than Simon does. Shall I just leave the training together idea? Are they just in one because their routine is all to pot?

The cat’s in a foul mood too.

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