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Britain’s Top Dog Names Revealed for 2013

UK Dog News

Britain’s most popular feline name is Oscar and the favourite for the canine cousin is Alfie, according to new analysis of Metro and Direct Line’s 'Pet of the Day' data.

Gone are the days of the Snoopies and Rovers as owners opt for traditional ‘human’ names, with five of the top 10 dog names being popular human names.

Indeed, so popular are human names that many even reflect the top names given to children so far this year – with both Oscar and Alfie amongst the most popular boys’ names in this year’s ONS baby name data.

Edd Barclay, head of pet insurance at Direct Line, comments: “Traditional British names are topping the pet name charts this year, suggesting pets really are ‘part of the family’.

“It is important to make sure you are set up to look after your extended family. Pet owners care about their furry friends but sometimes forget that, without insurance, health cover costs can really spiral.”

The analysis, by Direct Line Pet Insurance, also revealed some interesting habitual activities of our furry friends. Old favourites including ‘football’ and ‘walkies’ still featured very regularly, but the analysis also highlighted some more alternative activities. ‘Constant sunbathing’, kickboxing and a penchant for public relations were among some of the more unusual hobbies that the nation’s favourite cats and dogs currently enjoy.

Direct Line’s top dog names 2013

1. Alfie
2. Molly
3. Charlie
4. Bella
5. Poppy
6. Oscar
7. Bailey
8. Lola
9. Ruby

Top baby names 2013

Boys Name | Girls Name

1. Harry | Amelia
2. Oliver | Olivia
3. Jack | Jessica
4. Charlie | Emily
5. Jacob | Lily
6. Thomas | Ava
7. Alfie | Mia
8. Riley | Isla
9. William | Sophie
10.James | Isabella

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