Poo Picking

Was out in town yesterday and was walking down a side street, when a woman walked toward me with a very large GSD, just as it got past me it stopped and dropped the biggest poo ever, it was like a steaming mountain, it was enormous, anyway she started rooting in her pocket (I thought to get a poo bag) pulled out a tissue and proceeded to blow her nose, she then looked at the poo, looked at the dog and walked off, I called after her ‘arent you going to pick that up’ she called back over her shoulder ‘if your ****ing worried about it you pick it up’. Anyway I didnt have any poo bags on me or anything else as I wasnt wearing a jacket. I think these people should be fined on the spot!! but who the hells going to do it, and without CCTV no one knows whos dogs done it anyway, and its these ignorant morons who give the rest of us a bad name, felt like doing a Sharon Osborne and posting it to her, but hadnt a clue who she or her dog were.:banghead:

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