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Of all the episodes of ethnic cleansing and holocaust that litter our history books there is not one – not one – that was more fully documented, observed and reported upon than the genoicide prepetrated by the Turks upon the Armenians at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The methods and techniques of the mass extermination were closely observed by their German allies and later became the model for the Jewish Holocaust. When the Reichstag made its calculations they already knew how many people could be crammed into a cattle truck because the German military observers who were in Armenia (and later went on to become architects of the Nazi sequel) had watched them being packed in. They had seen the effectiveness of a death march (it kills people, you see, but it doesn’t traumatise the executioners so much) and outsourcing the brutality (as the Turks used the Kurds to do their dirty work so the Nazis used the Ukranians).

But we are not taught it in school. They are forgotten. They were forgotten very quickly. Hilter, on the eve of his invasion of Poland, silenced his critics by asking "Who speaks of the Armenians today?". Turkey, in breath-taking defiance of the evidence, refuses to acknowledge history and even mentioning it has been made illegal.

Today the Armenians just seek recognition from the world for what they endured. They deserve it but time and again they are lied to, used and duped. Trade with Turkey is big business and, as the only muslim member of NATO, its friendship is politically valued. Even Israel, who knows a thing or two about genocide, has turned its back on the Armenians and asked them not to even attend its convention for worldwide victims of holocausts.

George Bush promised to change all that. He categorically acknowledged that they had suffered an act of genocide. He promised, that if the US Armenian community voted for him, he would ensure that the US formally recognised it as such. Once elected he reneged on his promise and, with weasel words of sympathy, opposed a Bill to recognise the genocide. Similaly weasel-like Tony Blair, also dodged and ducked the issue.

Obama is but the lastest in a long, long line of those who have cr@pped on the Armenians.


The Obama administration has said it will seek to block a controversial bill describing as genocide the World War I killing of Armenians by Turks.

During his campaign for the 2008 election, Mr Obama promised to brand the mass killings genocide.
Mrs Clinton has acknowledged his administration’s change of opinion on the issue, saying circumstances had "changed in very significant ways".

NB. The killings were nothing much to do with WWI. The Armenian genocide began before WWI, continued through the war and continued still more after the war but trying to pass it off as a tragic civilian consequence of WWI is part of the spin, you see?

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