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Police in America Are Killing Family Dogs With Alarming Regularity

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An interesting item in The Huffington Post from Stephen Wells, who asks why are police in the USA killing so many family dogs?

The author raises a concern about an issue that has seen an increasing number of reports of average, every day family dogs being shot and killed on what is becoming an alarming scale.

He says:

"It’s uniquely terrifying to feel unsafe in your own home. That fear is on the rise for those who share their lives with a dog, as the trend of dogs being shot and killed at home persists. Each year over 10,000 companion dogs are killed by police officers, according to the Department of Justice. It’s a staggering figure. Not only are thousands of family dogs killed needlessly, often while their loving guardians look on powerless, our officers are walking into situations they are not prepared for. It’s a lose-lose situation. These are preventable tragedies, but we have to mobilize now to put the solutions in place before another 10,000 animals are killed."

But why are they doing it and what can be done to bring down this worrying trend?

Read his piece here:

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