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Police Dog Bites Child in Garden

UK Dog News

A 10-year-old boy was seriously hurt when he was bitten by a police dog in his back garden.

It happened in New Henry Street, Oldbury, while officers responded to reports of a nearby copper cable theft on Sunday.

A dog handler and his German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois cross were searching for four suspects when they entered a private garden and the boy was bitten.

The child remains in hospital where he continues to be treated, police said.

West Midlands Police said it would carry out its own investigation.

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  1. police dogs are trained to go for any person who is running, which is fine in the early hours of the morning or in a field etc but I think the policeman used poor judgement letting his dog off near  gardens where children could possibly be  at that time of day, totally the policeman’s fault not the dogs, if it had caught the right person and bit them people wouldn’t be saying put it down, police dogs catch thousands every year this is just an unfortunate accident

  2. Its rarely the dogs fault its nearly always the owners/handlers fault. If any other dog had done this it would have been put down. The fact that this dog has bitten a child without a command to do so as far as im concerned this dog is dangerous. Police dogs do a brilliant dog and yes this was an unfortunate accident but imagine if this was your child??? would you be happy with a “our sincere apologizes but it was an accident,hes usually a very good dog?” As far as im concerned this dog should be destroyed. The police say that any responsible owner  would have their dog destroyed if it bit a child so why are they not practicing what they preach. If yours or my dog had done the attack they wouldn’t still be walking around would they?

  3. @KavRawlings
     while I do understand your point this situation is a bit different, every pet dog that bites doesn’t have to get put down, it is normally (unprovoked) attacks or so called dangerous dogs were this is enforced. for example  if a child came up and poked a dog in the eye with a stick and it snapped and bit her it wouldn’t get put down. as a dog groomer I get bit all the time by fearful dogs but as they don’t like getting groomed that’s to be expected.
    whilst the child obviously didn’t provoke it this dog was in the attack mode as it had been released to find a criminal and it has been trained to attack, the dog cant always distinguish between criminals and its down to the handler to decide when is safe to release the dog which is infact is meant to be used as a weapon and not to socialise with or to behave as mans best friend or it wouldn’t do a very good job as a police dog

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