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Please Remember Foggy: The Dog Callously Shot Dead by Cruel Neigbour

For those who haven’t had the background on this horrendous event.
Foggy was a little Bedlington Terrier who lived with his doting owners in Norfolk.
On August the 1st of this year, Foggy was shot dead by the head of??the local parish council who lived next door to Foggy’s owners.

Phil Bishop, a former TV director, claimed in court that Foggy’s barking was disturbing him - a claim absolutely contested in truth by Foggy’s owners - and Bishop’s response was to shoot out of his window, he claims ‘to scare’ Foggy. What actually happened was Foggy was hit and died in his owners arms.
This??trauma will never, ever leave the lives of poor Foggy’s owners. How their beloved dog’s life was cruelly ended by a sick, bad tempered animal killer who happened to live next door to them will stay with Foggy’s family forever.
And for absolutely ruining the lives of a pair of loving [...]

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