Pit Bull Hailed as Hero After Saving Family From Gunman

An Oklahoma family have hailed their dog as a lifesaver after he protected them from an armed intruder.

DBoy leapt to defend Roberta Trawick and her family when an intruder forced entry to her home and started waving a gun around.

The intruder, who is still at large, “came in, pointed a gun at me and said, ‘Get down on the ground’,” Trawick told Oklahoma City’s News 9. Then, Trawick says DBoy immediately ran in from another room and was ready to attack. The gunman shot DBoy three times — twice in the head — before running off after apparently being spooked by the dog, reports People.


“It is amazing, it’s amazing that he went after that guy, and that I still have a family,” family member Angelic Shoemaker told News 9.

“The vet said if it wasn’t for his hard head he wouldn’t be here,” Trawick said. The family was able to pay for DBoy’s medical bills through donations, the report said.

“I’m sorry my dog got shot, but I still got my family and we still got our dog,” a tearful Shoemaker told News 9. Trawick’s father reportedly rescued 2-year-old dog from an abusive home just three months before the break-in.

Source: DogMagazine.net – the K9 Magazine blog

Pit Bull Hailed as Hero After Saving Family From Gunman

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