Pets Not Partners Bring More Christmas Cheer, According To New Survey

Preparations for Christmas can go on for months, even starting as year begins for those who love a bargain. But however long we plan for we all hope to get friends and family the perfect gift however Britain’s pet owners have revealed that they get more enjoyment buying gifts for their dogs, over friends and family, according to a new survey.

A whopping seven in ten (70%) dog owners claimed they not only get far more enjoyment buying gifts for their pets, but they also feel their pet understands when they’re given a gift on a special occasion.

Golden retriever face

However according to the recent survey carried out on behalf of Direct Line Pet Insurance, 17% of the 1,132 dog owners questioned, revealed that their dogs always enjoy playing with the wrapping more than the gift, and 31% admitted that their pet sometimes chooses to play with the wrapping first.

Adam Whiteley, head of pet insurance at Direct Line, offered this advice to dog owners: “Spoiling our pets is a Christmas tradition for many of us and it’s great to watch your dog enjoy a new toy, or even have a tussle with the wrapping paper. Dogs need a careful diet to maintain their health all year round, so the occasional puppy treat is ok but never allow a dog to eat chocolate or raisins, as these can be toxic even in very small amounts.”

According to the survey, 72% of Britain’s dogs can expect a delivery from Santa left under the tree for them to spend the holidays enjoying and half of Britain’s dogs will have an average of £15 spent on them this year with a lucky 3% having gifts worth more than £100 awaiting them!

Toys are the most favoured present of choice, but pampering with new clothes such as warm winter coats, and snuggly new beds top the list of most desired presents.

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