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Pet Owners Spill The Beans On What They’d Ask Their Dogs

As a loving pet owner, you'll no doubt have spent countless hours wondering if your dog is happy and questioning if you are doing everything they need, just as they need, such as the right amount of walks, the right amount of food, the right grooming routine.

A recent study by K9 Magazine shows that these are infact the most commonly thought questions that we have about our pets.

Celebrities taking part in K9 Magazine's interviews such America's Dance Crew co-presenter, Layla Kayleigh and UK dog behaviourist and presenter of 'It's Me or The Dog', Victoria Stilwell have all commented that if they could ask their pet one question, these would appear at the top of their wish list.

Other popular questions from dog owners relate to health and wellbeing, such as 'do I walk you enough' or those lucky enough to be walked by pet care service providers, 'are you happy with your pet carer' and 'would you like to be pampered more at the groomers'.

K9 Magazine associate publisher, Charles Vincent commented on the results discovered:

"Our study shows that the relationship between celebrities and their dogs is the same as it is for you or I. Their happiness is paramount and that's our main priority as our recent survey shows. The mind of the dog is still a mystery and fascinating to us, which is why so much time and thought goes into every aspect of 'is my pet happy'."

Mr Vincent continued, "Our survey also shows that pet care services, such as pet care London, are benefiting from our care and attention given to the happiness or our pets. One a more serious note, ongoing healthcare was noted as a serious concern. All parasites are of course preventable with treatment and with grooming advice, dry and itchy skin can be avoided and easily combated through special dog shampoo for itchy skin."

K9 Magazine teamed with have prepared free advice guides for owners with concerns whether parasite related or longer term health problems, such as Cushing's disease or Liver problems in dogs.

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